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Why do some mezzanine floors require Fire Rating and others do not?


If your proposed mezzanine floor is to exceed in the following, 1 hour fire rating will be required to the underside of the mezzanine floor under Building Regulations:

1. The size of the mezzanine floor is in excess of 400mē
2. The size of the proposed floor exceeds 50% of the area that the floor is to be installed
3. The number of people working on the mezzanine floor exceeds 3 at any one time.
4. The mezzanine floor is used for purposes other than storage, automated storage and maintenance.

Please Note:

Fire rating may not be required under any circumstances if you propose to have a sprinkler system Are there any additional items I need to be aware of?

Mezzanine floors require Smoke Detection, Emergency Lighting and Fire Exit Signs. Customers usually employ their own local qualified electrician. We will also need the use of your fork lift truck to assist with offloading and installation of the mezzanine floor. If neither is available, do not panic; please contact our mezzanine floor sales team.