Pre-vinyled Board Service

Our factory is equipped with an automated vinyl production line predominantly for our own use. We have also tended to enquiries from outside companies to have their own free issue boards and wall coverings pre-decorated by Docklands Systems.

Factory finishing panels are a very effective way of producing a panel within a short lead time. By having the pre-decorated panels delivered direct to site you are eliminating the need for wet trades and thus shortening the time spent on site. This is particularly popular within the dry lining, shop fitting and partitioning markets.

We here at Docklands Systems are capable of pre-decorating any of the main suppliers of wall covering products including:

  • Paper or fabric backed vinyls.
  • Plastylon pure PVC which is exclusive to Docklands
  • Pressing and bonding laminate of any colour or description.

We can pre vinyl from 4mm to 100mm in thickness and up to 1200mmin width and up to 3.6m in length onto:

  • Plasterboard
  • MDF
  • Chipboard
  • Plywood
  • Fermacell
  • Sasmox
  • Xtratherm
  • Celotex
Vinyled Board
Please e-mail or phone for any enquiries.

E-mail :

Phone : 01440 704777