Frameless Glass Partitioning

Our frameless glass partitioning has a minimalist profile at the top deflection head and the bottom floor and wall abutment channels only. The main obvious benefit of the system is the uninterrupted impression of space within your office. Ideal for use in showrooms and offices making use of and maximising natural light, our systems offer the option of glass or solid wood veneered doors along with a branded logo or regulation compliant manifestation. Frameless Glass Partitioning

Why choose glass partitioning?

1. Lighting

Solid stud walls create a permanent structure that is immovable which can affect the existing lighting of nearby areas, not to mention the new room created. With that, fixed artificial lighting has to be installed to the new area meaning there is no natural light coming in. With glass partitions, this is not an issue. The existing natural light can flood into the newly created partitioned area and reflect light back into other areas where low light existed, thus creating a two-fold benefit.

2. Modernisation

No matter how old, outdated or drab your existing office feels, glass partitions never fail to modernise how a space looks and give it a contemporary feel. This can really prove to be a huge boost to morale and productiveness in your workforce.

3. Cost

Contrary to what many people believe, glass partitions are actually very cost effective when compared to the investment required to install fixed, structural partitions. With their natural tendency to insulate and absorb light, rooms using glass tend to be much warmer than people realise.

4. Styles

Our glass partitions are available in various finishes to give your office a unique look including frosted, tinted and coloured glass, thus making it possible to create customised and branded private areas without cutting off the rest of the workroom floor entirely, even in busy areas.

5. Noise

Our high quality glass partitions are very good at reducing background noise. With their toughened glazed structure, they are naturally much better at soundproofing than traditional stud wall partitions.

Frameless Glass Partitioning Frameless Glass Partitions
Frameless Glass Partitioning Frameless Glass Partitions

We mostly supply Cambridge, Essex & London, however we can also service throughout the UK & Ireland.


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